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Support Services

Desktop Support Services

Desktop support services refer to the assistance and technical support provided to end-users for their desktop computing needs.

Desktop Configuration and Installation

This involves setting up and customizing the desktop computers to meet the specific needs of users or organizations

Bug Tracking System

The purpose of a bug tracking system is to enhance the software development and testing process by providing a centralized platform for recording, monitoring, and resolving issues throughout the software development lifecycle.

24*7 Technical Support

This continuous support is crucial for organizations and businesses that operate globally, have customers in different time zones, or rely on systems that need to be available at all times.

24*7 Issue Tracking/Operations

This continuous operation is crucial for maintaining the health, performance, and security of IT infrastructure and business operations.

24*7 Infrastructure Monitoring

This continuous monitoring involves the use of tools and technologies to keep a close eye on various components, including servers, networks, databases, applications, and other critical systems.

Email System

Email systems play a crucial role in modern communication for both personal and business use.

VOIP Phone System

Instead of using traditional telephone lines, VoIP leverages IP networks to transmit voice data in the form of digital packets. This technology offers various features and benefits, making it a popular choice for businesses and individuals.

VPN Services

VPNs are widely used for various purposes, including enhancing online security, protecting privacy, and enabling secure remote access to corporate networks.

Tunnel Service

Tunnel provides a secure way to connect resources without a publicly routable IP address. It does elimate the need of static IP.

Cloudflare DNS

Cloudflare DNS (Domain Name System) refers to the DNS service provided by Cloudflare, this offers content delivery network (CDN) services, DDoS protection, and other internet security and performance-related solutions.

Tailscale Service

Tailscale uses a zero-trust security model and builds on technologies like WireGuard to enable secure communication between devices regardless of their physical locatio

L1 , L2, L3 Level Support Services


The goal of L1 support is to quickly and efficiently resolve issues that are within its scope and escalate more complex problems to higher support levels when necessary. This helps in maintaining a streamlined support process and ensures that users receive the appropriate level of assistance for their specific issues.


The goal of L2 support is to address more challenging technical problems, provide in-depth assistance, and ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction by resolving issues that require a deeper level of expertise. If an issue cannot be resolved at the L2 level, it may be further escalated to Level 3 support or to the development team for resolution.


The goal of L3 support is to handle the most challenging technical issues, ensure the stability and reliability of products or systems, and contribute to the overall improvement of products and services. Issues that cannot be resolved at the L3 level may be escalated to development teams for further investigation and resolution.

Infrastructure Service

SCM Service

It allows multiple developers to work collaboratively on a project, tracks changes, and provides the ability to revert to previous versions if needed. Popular SCM/VCS tools include Git, Mercurial, and Subversion.

Build and Deployment

The processes involved in taking source code from a version control system, compiling it, and then deploying it to a target environment where it can be executed.

Database Server : mysql and mongoDB

A database server is a server system dedicated to the storage and retrieval of database files.

Cloud Infrastructure : AWS/Google/Azure

Cloud infrastructure refers to the foundational components and resources provided by cloud service providers that enable users to deploy and run applications in the cloud.

CI/CD Pipeline

It is a set of automated processes that facilitate the development, testing, and deployment of software changes.


It is a platform for developing, shipping, and running applications in containers. Containers provide a lightweight and portable way to package and distribute applications along with their dependencies.

Infrastructure Monitoring System

It is a set of tools and practices designed to track the performance, availability, and health of an organization's IT infrastructure.

Backup Service

It is a solution or set of tools designed to create, manage, and restore backup copies of data, applications, and system configurations.

Service Level Guarantee - 99.9%

It is a solution or set of tools designed to minimize downtime. The system uptime guarantee is 99.9%.