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TecheBOARD Drivers

(Barebone / Wifi + Bluetooth / MAX)

Full PackageWindows10/1136.7 MB05/26/2023
AMD FORCED Audio 10x64Windows10/11536 KB05/26/2023
AMD FORCED SFH 10x64Windows10/11216 KB05/26/2023
Fibocom USB Device Package(SIM_Module)Windows10/1110 MB05/26/2023
MediaTek-FORCED-10x64-Wifi-and-BluetoothWindows10/1111.9 MB05/26/2023
MediaTek-10x64-Wifi-and-BluetoothWindows10/1113.7 MB05/26/2023
Chipset DriversWindows10/11268 KB05/26/2023

3D Engineering Drawings Layout

Feast your eyes on our engineering blueprint image, showcasing the intricate design and advanced features packed into TecheBOARD. With its compact form factor and superior performance, this motherboard is revolutionizing the world of technology.
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